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The artist Zoe Mendelson
Born Apr 17 1976, London, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Installation art,

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zoe mendelson
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"I make drawings, paintings and installed pieces, which consider the artifices of politeness and charm. I am concerned with constructing elaborate fantasies for female characters, playing out detailed yet inconclusive narratives with varying degrees of involvement and fulfillment…"

zoe mendelson
Zoë Mendelson creates an initially seductive world. Her drawings, paintings and painted installations entice the viewer into an elaborate fantasy through intricately rendered imagery and embellishment.
Drawn into the artist’s world, one delights in realising that the idealised innocence and gentility act as a cover for erotic excess and the work exposes itself as being politely and furtively soiled. Overlapping opulent historical settings with Vegas-style signage and low-budget erotica, Mendelson deals with obsession and fantasy; often concealing pornographic imagery behind elaborate symbolic constructions, which, in turn can be found secreted within customised antique or museum furniture.

zoe mendelson

zoe mendelson
Harvest' and 'Enrobe'

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