Oksiuta Zbigniew

Zbigniew Oksiuta | the artist

The artist Zbigniew Oksiuta
Born 1951, Mulawicze, Poland.
Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, BEAP electronic art, Architecture,

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Zbigniew Oksiuta

Zbigniew Oksiuta
Drawing on the principle of living systems that emerge out of protective liquid membranes,Oksiuta’s architectural constructs generate forms in which ‘the borderline separating the interior from the outer environment is not a foreign body…

Zbigniew Oksiuta
While architecture evokes ideas of stability and immobility, he envisions the possibility of making it living and unstable. Vegetable matter could become a live habitat, an isolated spatial entity that takes up, transforms, and synthesizes matter and energy from its surroundings by biological means…

Zbigniew Oksiuta
Zbigniew Oksiuta’s projects are a crossover of architecture, art and biological sciences…

Zbigniew Oksiuta
Can life processes, which normally take place at the nano-scale, in proteins, acids and saccharides, translate into the macro-scale? We understand that a stretching of a living cell to the size of a house is not possible…

Zbigniew Oksiuta

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