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The artist Will Eisner
Born March 6 1917, Brooklyn, NY, USA/.
Died Jan 3 2005, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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(William Erwin)

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Will Eisner
About the artist

Will Eisner
Will Eisner, probably the godfather of American comics, was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1917, to Jewish immigrant parents. He went to school at De Witt Clinton High School in the Bronx, and his first drawings were published in the school's newspaper…

Heroes of Sport strip
Eisner (here signed 'Erwin') drew in several different styles to give clients the impression that the Shop had more artists than it did in actuality.

interview Will Eisner
…There is another thing I can tell you. I did a book called The Dreamer [Kitchen Sink, 1986], in which I showed Jack Kirby, and Jack said to somebody, "I didn't think Will liked me that much!" (laughter) He always called me "boss." (laughter) I said, "Jack, we're old men now, you don't have to call me boss anymore." "No," he said, "you're still my boss."

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