Waldek Dynerman

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The artist Waldek Dynerman
Born 1951, Warsaw, Poland.
Lives and works in Milwaukee, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Video, Painting, Printmakers,

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Waldek Dynerman
This website is built as an archive, rather than a concise survey. It is so for my own use, to refresh memory, revisit issues and processes and to help connect the dots. It spans close to forty years of my work. The most recent work is contained in the first 3-4 folders.

Waldek Dynerman
After graduating from the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy in 1974, Walder Dynerman eventually left his homeland of Poland to arrive in 1983 America with the offer of a two-year guest fellowship at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. The fellowship evolved into a full time position where Dynerman now teaches drawing, printmaking and painting and for the following 33 years, Milwaukee became a new home where he lives with his wife and son. His current installation titled "Train Project" at UW-Milwaukee's Union Art Gallery combines found objects, toy parts, sculpture, and videograghy that delves into his unique European heritage, which influencing his art enhanced with a touch of Dadaism . Dynerman reflects on this inspiring…

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