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The artist Victor Ekpuk
Born 1964, Uyo, Nigeria.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Writing, Drawing,

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<p>“My interest and in creating art has been to use <br />
elements of ancient African art, especially the writing systems, to <br />
express contemporary experiences.  These ancient writings and graphic <br />
symbols are the main inspiration for my style.  By reducing shapes to <br />
basic lines, I arrived at a style that gives the impression of written <br />
scripts.  When combined with contemporary forms, these “scripts” provide<br />
the background narrative to my compositions.” – Victor Ekpuk</p>

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<p>Ekpuk has imaginatively built on nsibidi and other <br />
graphic systems, including Egyptian hieroglyphics, to develop a highly <br />
personal set of script images that are both enigmatic and profoundly <br />
compelling. The meanings of these “scribblings” transcend literal <br />
decoding, but are hinted at through their elaboration in the painted and<br />
sculptural forms in which they are embedded. His work reminds us that <br />
the power of literacy cannot simply be reduced to the capacity of <br />
written symbols to convey semantic meaning or formal content, but is <br />
more broadly invested in human spiritual and cognitive struggles to <br />
transform the very grounds of perception. – Mark Auslander (Ph.D)</p>

Victor Ekpuk
For over a decade, my interest has been to use elements of traditional African arts to express contemporary experiences. Symbolism is the main character of my art. It greatly inspires my love for expressing with ethnic symbols, particularly those of nsibidi, an ancient system of communication that employs graphic symbols, as well as pantomime and the placement of objects to convey concepts.

Victor Ekpuk
Ekpuk is gefascineerd door taal, met name het nsibidi, een beeldtaal die ongeveer duizend jaar teruggaat en die afkomstig is uit zijn geboortestreek. Het is een verzameling tekens die me soms een indicatie geeft van haar betekenis, maar die me meestal voor raadsels stelt…

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