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The artist Van Gogh TV
Born 1986, , Germany.
Lives and works in Hanover/ Hamburg, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Documenta Kassel, Video, Performance Art, Art and Electronic media,

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project group by Ponton European Media Art Lab: Karl Dudesek, Benjamin Heidersberger, Mike Hentz, Gerad Couty, Hermann Josef Hack. A reactor for new media Since 1986, Van Gogh TV has continously proposed visions about how to use mass media technology to approch the viewer (or user) in an artistic way.

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Some of their members developed joint projects from as early as 1979 in the Minus Delta T group. 'Piazza Virtuale' is an interactive television project that could be received all over Europe via 4 satellites for 100 days during documenta IX in 1992…

TV interventions
Originally created as a mobile project, the early works of VGTV were pirate radio and pirate TV interventions and performance actions. Working under the names PONTON and Van Gogh TV, these partner projects maintained an active profile at commercial digital expos. and at international media art festivals…

Van Gogh TV
Vielmehr enstehen aus den künstlerischen Konzepten interaktive Umgebungen, in denen eine Passivität des Konsumenten zu eionem Störbild führen würde… (German)

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