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The artist Toba Khedoori
Born 1964, Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Venice Biennale,

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toba khedoori
Khedoori’s conceptually-charged paintings on paper have a monumental scale that contradicts the reticent manner in which they are deployed. Taken from the urban environment, her subjects are typically isolated architectural structures or details. Always familiar to the viewer – windows, doors, stairways, paths, benches – they may be considered the building blocks of the social world.

toba khedoori
Works and biography

toba khedoori
Three facts of biography seem pertinent to Toba Khedoori’s giant, space-filled drawings. First, she lives in Los Angeles, although she was born and raised in Australia. Second, she is an identical twin (her sister is Rachel Khedoori, an artist who also lives and works in Los Angeles). A distant but fascinating third (and—like the other two—one the artist might find objectionable) is that her family is originally from Iraq. Her cultural heritage includes the Persian miniature, fine of line and exquisite of detail…

toba khedoori
"Untitled" (Seats) by Toba Khedoori: Four Takes

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