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The artist Tacita Dean
Born 1965, Canterbury, United Kingdom.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Drawing, BritArt, Hugo Boss Prize, Sound Art,

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Tacita Dean (b. 1965) is an artist internationally known for her compelling work in film. She seeks connections—between history and the present, fact and fiction. Her starting point is typically a chance encounter or discovery. She pursues her investigation like a detective, piecing together evidence and presenting it in a loosely woven, often inconclusive narrative.

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tacita dean
Tate Britain

tacita dean
<p>The Russian Ending and The Green Ray

tacita dean

tacita dean
Tacita Dean trained as a painter and now works in a variety of media. She is best known for her compelling 16mm films, in which the specific qualities associated with film-making are of central importance. Dean’s films are haunted by architectural relics which seem to embody outmoded or bankrupt beliefs, but at their time of execution promised much. In their formal qualities, her films reference other art forms, painting especially. Dean also works with video, sound, drawings and objects. Her work occupies a place between fact and fiction. It is pervaded by a sense of elusiveness, a search for something that exists as much in the imagination as anywhere else…

tacita dean
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