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The artist Susan Hefuna
Born 1962, , Germany.
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt and Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art, Video, Photography,

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Susan Hefuna
The Egyptian-German artist works with drawing, photography, installation and video – techniques through which she networks planes of meaning and reflects multilayered codes that she interprets concretely and abstractly. The central topic here is the mashrabiya, a window in Moslem architecture that is worked in lathes of wood and that regulates the circulation of air and the filtering of light. The structure allowed women to see the outside world without being seen. It acts as a metaphor for separation and connection.

Susan Hefuna
Hefuna works with images-in media, photography, ink drawings and installations.

Susan Hefuna
Navigation X Cultural' – Celebrate Life exhibition

Susan Hefuna
Susan Hefuna is an artist of Egyptian/German heritage. She works in her art with digital photography and video installation. Through the exploration of her own diverse heritage she touches directly on issues that are critical to the inquiry of many comtemporary South African artists.

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