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The artist Stephen Brandes
Born 1966, Wolverhampton, UK.
Lives and works in Cork Ireland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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stephen brandes
Stephen Brandes current body of work stems from a visual diary he made in 1999 during a recreation of his grandmother's flight through Europe to escape from the pogroms in Romania in 1913. His work has since developed into a series of elaborate visual fictions in various forms, from small scruffy paintings to vast highly detailed drawings on unexpected surfaces (like used floor vinyl or straight onto the gallery wall), which interweave this history with his own experience and invention…

stephen brandes
Stephen Brandes' intricate pen-and-ink drawings are map like in appearance and on closer inspection contain reference to both historical and autobiographical themes.

stephen brandes
Der Angstlustbaum

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