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The artist Spencer Finch
Born , New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Installation art, Drawing, Venice Biennale,

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spencer finch
Rhinestones and acrylic on aluminium panel.

spencer finch
A set of inkblots that wend their way up the stairwell is known as 102 Colours From My Dreams. Each one was made by Finch at the moment of waking, and together they form a diary of colours he saw in his dreams. There’s no need to interpret these self-made Rorschach tests, though, as Finch helpfully provides titles that build up into an absurd, comic monologue, a jolly litany of dis order ed memories and strange fictions of the artist’s sleeping life, which match each colour….

spencer finch
“There’s a line from Freud where he talks about Kant, who said that there were two things—a moral thing and a natural thing—that continued to amaze him: the night sky and the goodness in the hearts of men. Freud was very dismissive, and said, “Oh yes, the night sky is quite beautiful.” I think it’s those two things, the idea of images that can straddle the space between abstraction and representation, and then also subject matter, that produces a sense of wonder and approaches this idea of the sublime…”

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