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Simon Tyszko | the artist

The artist Simon Tyszko
Born , , UK.
Lives and works in London, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Art and Electronic media, Installation art,

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Simon Tyszko

Simon Tyszko
Presented as highly finished objects, their polished physical perfectness belies the potent narratives that are behind them. Personal critiques, they are based on reminiscences of resentment, hurt, or reflective regret, the artist tempering his memories with a restrained, stylish humour, often creating a mood of ambiguous playfulness…

Simon Tyszko
Obviously an aeroplane in an apartment cannot help but reference the horrifying events of September 11th, but Tyszko's attempt to live with this monumental metaphor makes this an optimistic exploration of potential ways forward…

Simon Tyszko
Suicide Bomber Barbie, "Dynamic Pose", 2002

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