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The artist Silvia Bachli
Born 1956, Baden, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Basel and Paris, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Silvia Bächli
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Silvia Bächli
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Silvia Bächli
Silvia Bächli, one of the best-known Swiss artists of her generation, is presenting her drawings at the Centre Pompidou, from her beginnings more than 25 years ago to her latest new works. Winner in March 2007 of the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation's contemporary drawing prize, she also received the 2007 Baden-Württemberg prize for fine arts, the Hans-Thoma-Preis.

Silvia Bächli
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Silvia Bächli
Silvia Bächli has exhibited extensively with one-woman shows from 1982, the past five years at a.o…

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