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The artist Roza El-Hassan
Born 1966, Budapest, Hungary.
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video, Drawing,

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roza el-hassan
The series “Stretched Objects” could be a something of a burlesque on the concept of strength. The objects, which simply hang on the wall just like works of art usually do, are in truth not hanging at all, but rather being pulled on in such a way that the forces affecting them “stretch”—change—them. In any culture with a Christian tradition, such stretching tends to evoke associations with the crucifixion or with Medieval torture methods aimed at tearing a body apart…

roza el-hassan

roza el-hassan

roza el-hassan
In the billboard project Tomic presents herself together with Roza El-Hassan and Branimir Stojanovic under the group name EXTRA-TERRITORIA. This initiative was founded in 1999 at Café Karmin in Belgrad, and should be understood as a platform for dialogues between the participating artists…

roza el-hassan
Prishtina series

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