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The artist Rose Wylie
Born 1934, Kent, England.
Lives and works in Kent, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Painting,

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Rose Wylie
Looking at Rose Wylie’s 21/2 D paintings is taking a journey back through time to those idealised drawings of the homes and gardens of our childhood where we paid graphic homage to the people and places that nurtured us. Wylie, however pays homage to much more than that it her zany, eclectic paintings, the references range far and wide, from primitive painting through Ancient Egyptian and Roman painting to the medieval, and on to contemporary animation, also, autobiographically, they scan experiences from earliest childhood, through to the mini inspirations sparked by details of contemporary consumer product packaging…

Rose Wylie review
In her New York gallery debut, Rose Wylie, who is British, becomes the latest artist — and one of the few women — to enter the Jean-Michel Basquiat/Donald Baechler sweepstakes. She paints in a crude, faux-naïve style with slap-dash verve, offering up childlike renderings of figures and faces, the odd skull or cat…

Rose Wylie
Artworks. Rose Wylie’s large-scale paintings and drawings depict simple motifs – animals, cartoonlike figures, insects, skulls and flowers and follow a faux-naïf strain in English art history. She is often inspired by the everyday imagery of her domestic life in rural Kent as well as by folk art and mass media. She also draws from a comprehensive knowledge of art historical references; including ancient wall paintings, medieval and Italian Renaissance art. Disparate expressions as those found on old candy wrappers, paint jobs on African trucks, 1930’s cigarette cards, tattoos and films come together in her rich visual language. An intoxicating mix of the primitive and contemporary is laid bare.

Rose Wylie interview
I work on thin, cheap paper and it wrinkles. Sometimes I slit along the bump of the wrinkle and put something underneath and stick it down…

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