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The artist Pinaree Sanpitak
Born 1961, Bangkok, Thailand.
Lives and works in Bangkok, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art, Painting, Sydney Biennale,

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kiwis, eggs, breasts, bodies, womanly bodies, womanly bodies flying, vessels, mounds, open body vessels, offering vessels, breast stupas, breast fruits, 5 strokes, branches, breasts and clouds, etcetera, etcetera.

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Noon Nom and Vessels
Sculpture of Pinaree Sanpitak.

Artist statement
18th Biennale of Sydney participant artist Pinaree Sanpitak.

Breast Stupa Cookery
My art practice is an evolving self-defining and self-healing process. The most important goal is to challenge the conscious and sub-conscious of not only the viewer but also myself. It is my attempt to “reach out” to expand our perception and alter our attitudes through the senses aroused by this strong female bodily symbol: the breast.’

These works assembled are not merely sketches. They are part of my art making process, a process of self-healing and self-analyzing. Some have informed larger works. Some have been a bridge to other ideas. It was a pleasure sorting through them and tracing back the work line. Going through the studio, I also came upon some printmaking plates, which greatly inspired me to work with a whole new range of materials; metal, wax, fabric, terracotta…

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