Ornulf Opdahl

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The artist Ornulf Opdahl
Born 1944, Aalesund, Norway.
Lives and works in Godoy, Norway, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Ornulf Opdahl
Opdahl’s paintings have for the last twenty years been dominated by images from the dark, evocative landscape of western Norway’s fjords, islands and coastline…

Ornulf Opdahl
I do not copy nature, there is no registration, that is not my project. My process is much more like Balke's. His encounters with the nature up in Northern Norway made an indelible impression…'

Ornulf Opdahl
Artist's website

Ornulf Opdahl
It is no mere coincidence that Norway's most distinguished contemporary landscape painter comes from the West of Norway, a landscape which is marked by deep contrasts and an evanescent light…

Ornulf Opdahl

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