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The artist Nancy Spero
Born 1926, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Died Oct 18 2009, Manhattan, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Venice Biennale,

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nancy spero
“In many of the works now I’m trying to depict a sense of the vitality of life, but also to pose the question: what does happen after the revolution? There have to be solutions and there arent a lot of them…”

nancy spero
Personal statement and images

nancy spero

nancy spero
“Even when the work is celebratory I still hope it has subversion to it, in that all the protagonists are women. That it is we who are the activators. That is not the usual way of the world, but it’s symbolic of the way the world could be.” Nancy Spero

nancy spero
Sperm Bomb

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