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The artist Monika Weiss
Born 1964, Warsaw, Poland.
Lives and works in New York City, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Performance Art, Drawing,

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monika weiss vessels
Through drawing, performance, video, and installation, New York-based Polish
artist Monika Weiss creates environments that relate to the body and to the
tension characterizing that peculiar space it inhabits between biology and
culture. "Monika Weiss: Vessels" installation, sculpture, drawing Chelsea
Art Museum March 20 – April 17, 2004 (catalogue)

monika weiss ennoia
The installation "Ennoia" (Vessel Series #3) developed as a search for the
state of unity between my body and a sculpted basin. Throughout the
installation my "live" figure periodically enters and leaves the
water-filled basin, likened to an octagonal baptismal font. My body curled
up inside it remains almost motionless and without interruption in a form of
an image projected on the wall. Collaboration on sound: Stephen Vitiello.
November 2002.

toxic ritual
Monika Weiss, Koiman, Oct. 10-24, 1998, at Space 1181, 1181 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, Ga. 30318. Koiman is the title of a site-specific video-sound-object by Polish artist Monika Weiss that was recently installed at Atlanta's Space 1181. A Greek word meaning "to put to sleep, to coffin," Koiman is here a crumbling, flowing, sucking, rumbling environment that conspires to awaken and unsettle the mind and senses. Koiman is a theatrical installation consisting of a wall-sized video-projection, an 800-pound cast-concrete baptismal font, 60 gallons of used motor oil, a mound of blue-painted earth and prerecorded ambient train sounds. Weiss has combined these anomalous elements in a metaphoric allusion to the Catholic mythology of Saint Catherine of Sienna, who claimed to drink from the open wound of Christ.

monika weiss
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