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The artist Matt Mullican
Born 1951, Santa Monica, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Installation art, Whitney Biennial, Sao Paulo Biennale, Performance Art,

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Matt Mullican, Ohne Titel / Cosmology, 1987.

matt mullican
A portfolio of ten silkscreen prints and 64 etchings based on twenty years of Matt Mullican’s notebooks.

matt mullican
Up to 625

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American artist Matt Mullican gives a performance while in a state of hypnosis. His work explores the way in which hypnosis alters behaviour and seems to expose what lies behind the façade of identity. The symbols and shapes that he paints during the performance are a visual counterpoint to this inner journey, and point to the strong relationship between the unconscious mind and creativity.

matt mullican
Channeling something like the spirit of Doctor Daniel Paul Schreber crossed with Jorge Luis Borges, Matt Mullican’s drawings dominate the walls of The Drawing Center.  Less an ordered retrospective than a selection of work from across the years, the exhibition is equal parts visceral experience and intellectual exercise. Mullican’s works on paper are paranoid, obsessive and possibly schizophrenic, yet they are also full of humour and intelligence…

mullican artwork
While Mullican’s performances call up 1960s and 1970s predecessors such as Bruce Nauman or Joseph Beuys, the graphic meandering and biomorphic whorls in his drawings of the past decade hark back to Surrealist experiments with frottage and automatic writing. These abstract geometric forms are combined with more representational, repetitive imagery: grids of letters and numbers, transcriptions of song lyrics, and childlike pictures. Mullican has long been interested in the intersection of public sign systems with personal semiotics, and in the early 1970s began producing a series of charts illustrating a fictive cosmology…

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