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The artist Mark Manders
Born 1968, Volkel, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Arnhem, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art, Athens Biennale,

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mark manders
"For me, drawing is more an investigation of thought than an investigation of observation. Before I’ve drawn them, the drawings are often as short and compact as thought. It’s interesting to look at yourself from the outside as you are drawing and see how the thoughts you portray are partly visual and partly linguistic…"

mark manders
Since 1986 the Dutch artist Mark Manders has been making a ‘self-portrait as a building’ – a declaration that seems uncharacteristic of the work for which he is best known: rough-hewn clay sculptures thick with symbolism and totemic meaning. His play with these two systems – rational constructions in space and resonant, quasi-mythic forms – suggests that he is trying to use the former to contain the latter, and much of his works’ bathos lies in his evident failure to do so…

mark manders

mark manders
Figure with Fake Square Pencil Point’ and many other works online

mark manders
Self Portrait as a Building

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