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The artist Magdi El-Din
Born Febr 13 1954, Alexandria, Egypt.
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Painting, Sculpture Objects, Printmakers, Expressionism, Drawing,

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Awards 1993 – 1994 I had been awarded the Grand-Prix of Rome in the field of Painting, granted by the Ministry of Culture of EGYPT in 1993. As a result, I spent a one year honorary grant in Rome, Italy, where I emphasized the artistic and inspirational skills, where I had been in lively touch with arts, film, theater and music and latest and classic trends. 1996 Poster design winner of the second national film festival held in Cairo June 1996. Exhibitions I had self organized 13 one-man-show exhibitions comprising works in painting and graphics, and digital painting as follows: 1973 "L'Atelier", art gallery, Alexandria 1974 Mahmoud Saied Museum, Alex. 1975 "L'Atelier", art gallery, Alexandria 1978 Goethe Institute, Alex. 1981 "i-punkt", Germany 1982 same gallery as above 1984 Galerie Pittoresque, Fellbach 1986 Kuwait Cultural Center, Kuwait 1990 Galerie Blel, Tunisia 1992 "L'Atelier", art gallery, Cairo 1994 Egyptian Academy in Rome 1996 Spanish Cultural Center, Alexandria 1998 "L'Atelier", art gallery, Alexandria.<br /><br />Was born in Alexandria Egypt in 13.02.1954 and completed my fine art studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria, B.F.A. 1977. I had been inspired by colors and forms found in nature, painting for me is a way of life, it is the way you get to know yourself and get to know the world. I appreciate the scent of oils, the touch of clay and the sprinting move of the paint brush, they all form the mood in which I approach making art.

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