Lise Blomberg Andersen

Lise Blomberg Andersen | the artist

The artist Lise Blomberg Andersen
Born 1971, Vejle, Denmark.
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Lise Blomberg Andersen
With the help of crosscut between dream and reality L.B.A. evokes an emblematic romantic nature scenery, by which the apparent lightness covers different psychologically complicated situations…

Lise Blomberg Andersen
Born 1971 in Vejle, Denmark. Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. At first glance, Lise Blomberg Andersen¬ís works may look like idyllic pastoral scenes, but on closer scrutiny unexpected elements are often revealed in her landscapes…

Lise Blomberg Andersen

Narcis i traeet
The collage technique serves as one point of departure in Lise Blomberg Andersen latest works, in which she examines aspects of displacement and cross-cutting techniques. Different spaces and painterly languages are used and juxtaposed within each painting, generating a range of stories and narratives within each separate work…

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