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The artist Lis Rywelski
Born , Massapeaqua, NY, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Printmakers,

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Liz Rywelski
Born and raised in Massapeaqua, NY, spending her summers with family on Lake Champlain in Willsboro, NY. She attained her BFA at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. Liz became a Space 1026 member in 2002 and remains Philadelphia continuing her own body of work, as well as working with collaborators. Her best known work is seen in the American Portraits series, Text Messages, and The Septa Letters…

Liz Rywelski
Liz Rywelski keeps a studio at Space1026 Gallery, in Philadelphia, PA. USA. She has been there since October, 2002, after she held internships with 1026's printmaker Ben Woodward, political artist Jesse Goldstein, and sculptor/painter Max Lawrence.

Liz Rywelski interview
I draw, write, dance, curate, create conceptual art, love, make video¬ís, and I scream in a band. What each outlet really depends on is keeping myself connected. I find my creative process in life (how artsy)- but really, I find it in things like keeping honest, being kind, seeing beauty in people as often as possible, smiling at strangers, nice things like that. I also try to eat well and get enough sleep- although I have not really figured that one out yet…

Liz Rywelski
the artist and his model

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