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The artist Liliane Porter
Born 1941, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art, Video, Printmakers, Sharjah Biennale, Art and Electronic media,

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

Her work includes prints, drawings, works on canvas, photography, video and installation as well as public projects.

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Liliana Porter
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Liliana Porter
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Liliana Porter
Liliana Porter plays privately as well, breaking and distorting her toys in paintings and Polaroids to create fanciful and troubling portraiture from dolls and domestic objects. From a porcelain bride with its head snapped off to a canvas of a tiger with a growling soundpiece, the artist has a flair for off-beat humour and wry commentary…

Liliana Porter
For her first web-based artwork, Liliana Porter presents Rehearsal, a choir of seven yellow toy chicks singing "La donna รจ mobile" from Giuseppe Verdi's 1851 opera Rigoletto. The viewer can click on each chick to see a close up and hear a "solo" – one of seven variations on the familiar canzone including a march, a tango, a version with a panhellenic guitar, and a 1907 recording by Enrico Caruso. The music was composed and performed by Sylvia Meyer, with whom Porter has long collaborated on her video projects…

Liliana Porter
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Liliana Porter
Drawing with plastic hammer

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