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The artist Jonathan Borofsky
Born 1942, Boston Massachussetts, USA.
Lives and works in Ogunquit, Main, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Drawing, New Image Painting,

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borofsky interview
For me, numbers are like God. They connect us all together in a way nothing else does. Like magic. You and I are now speaking from different parts of the country about ideas, and we’re doing it through the use of numbers. Each of our pockets or purses carries all sorts of numbers, printed on plastic cards, which allow us to buy things, call people and do something. That led me to an obsession in the last few years with binary numbers that run every computer in the world. Talk about connecting us all together! We’re not talking about numbers zero through 10 or 100. We’re just talking about a zero and a one. You put it in a sequence of eight like 01000001. It gives you a letter “A.”

Jonathan Borofsky
I dreamed I was having my photograph taken with a group of people. Suddenly, I began to rise up and fly around the room. Half way around, I tried to get out the door. When I couldn't get out, I continued to fly around the room until I landed and sat down next to my mother who said I had done a good job!

Jonathan Borofsky
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