Jockum Nordstrom

Jockum Nordstrom | the artist

The artist Jockum Nordstrom
Born 1963, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lives and works in Stockholm, .
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Drawing, Painting,

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A Stick in the Wood
Jockum Nordström (b. 1963) has earned an international reputation with his drawings and collages – playful, dreamy and sometimes erotically charged. Now Moderna Museet is showing some 50 of Jockum Nordström's works from 2000-2005. A Stick in the Wood is his largest solo exhibition to date…

Jockum Nordström's inimitable imagery creates a unique and very special world, composed of modernist architecture, animals and plants, people involved in sexual activities and figures from 19th century bourgeois settings surrounded by calashes and period furniture…

Jockum Nordström

The Order of Things
Jockum Nordström's deadpan, eccentric collages deal with a range of themes, from modernist architecture, classical and jazz music, to sex, which is of the comical rather than erotic variety…

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