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The artist Jim Nutt
Born Nov 28 1938, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Jim Nutt
Jim Nutt's (b.1938) career spans forty-five years, having emerged in the mid-1960s in Chicago as the chief instigator of the irreverent and legendary "Hairy Who" group, now often considered part of Imagism. These artists were drawn to bizarre imagery, vulgar subject matter, and a palette of rancid colors in jarring combinations. Inspired by popular culture, especially comic books, advertisements, and street signs, Nutt's art also explored the formal qualities of historical works of art: Northern European portraiture of the 15th and 16th century; Colonial American painting; the color and line explorations of Henri Matisse and Joan Miro; and the quirky individualism of artists such as John Graham, Max Ernst, Arshille Gorky, and H.C. Westermann…

Jim Nutt
Jim Nutt is a figurative artist associated with the Chicago Imagists, most specifically with the second generation of artists who called themselves The Hairy Who. The themes and styles of these artists favored fantasy, caricature and political commentary—in visual satires of the foibles of celebrity, mass media, and political ambition…

Jim Nutt
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Jim Nutt
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