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The artist Jankel Adler
Born 1895, Lodz, Poland.
Died 1949, Aldbourne, Wilts, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Cubism, Painting,

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Had exhibitions with Lefevre Gallery, Gimpel Fils Gallery and Knoedler Galleries in New York. A memorial show at Arts Council in 1953. Dusseldorf, Tel-Aviv and Lodz in 1980. After his studies he spent time in Poland, Berlin and Paris. In 1922, Jankel Adler moved to Düsseldorf. There he became a teacher at the Academy of Arts, and became acquainted with Paul Klee, who influenced his work. Both artists belonged to the artists group “Junges Rheinland”. He also befriended the painter Anton Räderscheidt, a leading figure of the New Objectivity.

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jankel adler
Hommage à Naum Gabo [Homage to Naum Gabo]

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