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The artist James Drake
Born 1946, Lubbock, TX, USA.
Lives and works in Santa Fe, NM and in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Drawing, Venice Biennale,

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James Drake
A Thousand Tongues Burn’ and ‘Sing and The Hands Say We Love You’

James Drake
James Drake is a remarkably versatile artist who has created accomplished, distinctive work. He is a superb draftsman, an expert sculptor specializing in welded-steel installations, and a penetrating photographer and video artist. In all of those media James Drake has deployed a consistent vocabulary of images relating to art history, weaponry, the fine line between savagery and civilization and life in the densely populated bilingual Juarez-El Paso border…

James Drake
Images of works

James Drake
City of Tells, the latest work of Santa Fe-based artist James Drake, has the visual grandeur and spectacle of a Hollywood summer blockbuster. But, unlike those technology-dependent ninety minutes of stunts and crunches, City of Tells (in gambler’s jargon, a "tell" is a revealing gesture or expression) shows an achingly poignant and decidedly masterful human touch. The themes in City of Tells may not bear profound scrutiny, but the show still haunts…

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