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The artist Ilana Halperin
Born 1973, New York city, NY, USA.
Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art, Photography,

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Ilana Halperin
My work explores the relationship between geological phenomena and daily life. Whether boiling milk in a 100 degree Celsius sulfur spring in the crater of an active volcano or celebrating my birthday with a landmass of the same age, the geologic history and environmental situation specific to the locale directly informs the direction each piece takes…

Ilana Halperin
Boiling Milk Solfataras and New Contempories installation

Ilana Halperin
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Ilana Halperin
Towards Heilprin Land – 2006

Ilana Halperin
Through a variety of media – lens-based work, drawing, performative lectures, short stories, sculptural installations – Halperin merges a topography of personal experiences with geological phenomena, recording coincidences and serendipitous encounters: geological events become melodramas and personal narratives become scientific ones through a collision of geological and personal time-scales.Projects often involve travelling to remote locations and performing actions or poetic gestures…

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