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The artist Hayv Kahraman
Born 1981, Baghdad, Iraq.
Lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sharjah Biennale, Drawing,

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Working mainly in oil-on-canvas, Kahraman tends to focus on line, depth and detail, through the use of two-dimensional tones of vibrant color and semi-realist, figurative renderings. Her practice references traditions within Japanese, Islamic, and Italian art.

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Hayv Kahraman
Born in a land that is ironically the cradle of civilization and presently the ultimate embodiment of human degradation, Iraq, I have of necessity inherited a host of issues that find expression in my work. Female oppression, honor killings and war continue to claim my attention. Filled with desire, I paint for redemption and salvation, hoping one day humanity will witness a profound change…

Hayv Kahraman
Spanning drawing, painting, and sculpture, her practice engages with very difficult issues surrounding female identity in her homeland – how women are victimised within their own culture, made subservient to men and often suffer the most from the effects of the war. Kahraman tells these tales of horror with a demure grace through her stunningly beautiful paintings. In this series of work, her images depict the scriptural story of the Sacrifice of The Lamb, which is central to the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, recasting the figures as women…

Hayv Kahraman
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Hayv Kahraman
Using Sumi ink on brown paper, Hayv's wide stylistic references range from Japanese and Arabic calligraphy art nouveau, Persian miniature and Greek iconography…

Hayv Kahraman
Technically, my work is primarily concerned with the “line”. Using sumi-e ink, detailed pen work and distinct two-dimensional tones of vibrant color on toned paper enable me to achieve a desirable depth in contrast and detail. Mainly portraying the female figure as transformed beings with prominent timeworn eyes dwelling in an ambiguous existence of despair, I reach out to my spectator for active interpretation…

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