Hannah van Bart

Hannah van Bart | the artist

The artist Hannah van Bart
Born 1963, Oud-Zuilen, Maassen, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Hannah van Bart
In her drawings and canvases, an overall form-often a standing portrait, a disembodied head or an animal-presents a complex site where pattern, mechanics, and portraiture co-mingle. The simple overall forms unlock as limbs are rendered unhinged, torsos and knees open, and a dark dreamy realm of interior compartments reveals itself. Van Bart's deceptively crude imagery implies a proto-mechanical interior landscape of switches, protruding beams, containers, gatherings of clouds and architecture…

Hannah van Bart
Terugkeer van de Magier / Return of the Magician

Hannah van Bart

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