Guy de Cointet

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The artist Guy de Cointet
Born 1934, Paris, France.
Died 1983, Los Angeles, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Drawing, Sculpture Objects, Venice Biennale, Performance Art,

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Guy de Cointet
From the late '60s until his untimely death in 1983, Guy de Cointet was an active member of the Los Angeles art scene whose encrypted works on paper and theatrical productions using readymade language–taken from both the high literature of his native France and the soap operas of his adopted land–were often as enigmatic as the man himself…

Guy de Cointet
I met Guy de Cointet in the 1970s through his books, which were available in such venues as the Pasadena Art Museum bookshop, where most of us bought our artist books because of the courage of the bookshop manager, who sensed a publishing movement within the artist community. Guy's books were not "legible" in the literal sense, since they were books created by strange languages created by Guy, including codes and new alphabets. How could you disagree with the author who wrote a book entitled Espahor ledet Ko Uluneri (1973) which indeed was a straight narrative with plot, development, climax, denouement, written in a deathless prose such as “Misdod, lerbrnazs ko troupikalf,” and was later performed by actor Billy Barty as Mr. Qei No Mysrdod in 1973 at Cirrus Gallery when it was located on Manhattan Place!..

Guy de Cointet

Guy de Cointet

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