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The artist Glenn Ligon
Born 1960, Bronx, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting, Drawing,

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Glenn Ligon is known for his resonant works in multiple media that explore issues surrounding race, sexuality, identity, representation and language. For his first web-based project, Annotations, Ligon revisits the family photo album, a format rich in its potential for investigating the diverse sources that shape individual identity, in the artist's words: "a site of invention, cheering fictions, hidden histories and unforeseen juxtapositions."

glenn ligon
Notes on the Margin of the Black Book

Artist Glenn Ligon calls this piece Stranger in the Village after an essay by James Baldwin. Although it is difficult to see at first, the painting incorporates a passage from Baldwin's essay, about white ignorance and the experience of being black in America…

Untitled (Rage) #2
Glenn Ligon is best known for his use of language as an element of art and a tool for communication…

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