Gabriel Acevedo Velarde

Gabriel Acevedo-Velarde | the artist

The artist Gabriel Acevedo-Velarde
Born 1976, Lima, Peru.
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Drawing,

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Gabriel Acevedo Velarde
Gabriel Acevedo Velarde’s video work is groundbreaking and refreshingly different. Not unlike William Kentridge’s work it is based on the artists own accomplished drawings, which are brought to life with the camera. This is, however, where comparisons end. Animation is a rare and quite new form within the arts, particularly when it is derived from classical drawing. The soundtrack is without dialogue, so the narrative unfolds largely visually…

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde
Acevedo’s distinctive figures tell the artist’s own parables of society and the human condition. Pre-historia, a 30 minute film made from a storyboard of quick drawings on paper is filmed in a raw style, revealing the tape-marks where the paper is held in place. As a conceptual device it functions to expose the creative process and it also serves to remove the viewer one step from the experience of the unfolding narrative…

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde
Video interview

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde
Velarde organizes his work in projects, which are developed of different through several mediums such as drawings, animation, performance or video. the common denominator the will to point towards the ordered and chaos that resolve from destroying this system, as well as narrating fictitious situations…

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