Fouad Elkoury

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The artist Fouad Elkoury
Born 1952, Paris, France.
Lives and works in Paris and Beirut, Lebanon, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography,

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Fouad Elkoury
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Fouad Elkoury
Fouad Elkoury gained international recognition for his powerful photos of war-torn Beirut and landscape photography. In recent years, he has turned his lens to cinema. Join us for an evening showcasing his work.

Fouad Elkoury
"In ElKoury's black and white photographs there is more than a photojournalistic aesthetics and a rigid documentation of the photographers travels in troubled regions such as the Middle East. Beyond his documentarian role, ElKoury's photographs reveal a second, metaphysical world and his personal relation to the people and conflicts of this region."

Fouad Elkoury
Civilization Series, 2005

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