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The artist Fernando Botero
Born Apr 19 1932, Medellin, Colombia.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Fernando Botero, born in Colombia in 1932, belongs among the few major artists of the post-World War II era to have consistently worked in a figurative style. His distinctive figures – rotund and swollen to monumental proportions – articulate both his profound consciousness of artistic tradition and a gently satirical observation of his fellow human beings. Botero, who maintains studios in New York, Paris, and Tuscany, assimilates historical and contemporary influences with rare artistic skill to produce images that synthesize, in a deceptively simple manner, his experiences of Latin American and Western cultures.

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fernando botero
Museo Fernando Botero.

fernando botero
Fernando Botero's distinctive style of smooth inflated shapes with unexpected shifts in scale is today instantly recognizable.

Man With Cane
About the Artist: Fernando Botero grew up in Medellin, Colombia, but moved to the capital city of Bogota in 1951. In 1952, he decided to pursue a formal art education at the Academia San Fernando in Madrid, Spain. Botero then spent much of the next two years in Paris and Florence, Italy…

fernando botero
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fernando botero
Botero is best known for his full-figured, curvilinear, monumental bronze figures. Heavily influenced by classical sculpture, Botero has been exploring the human form for more than forty years. The title of this piece is French for "modesty."

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