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The artist Fabrice Hybert
Born 1961, Lucon, France.
Lives and works in Paris and Nantes, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Collage,

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fabrice hybert
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fabrice hybert
"French artist Fabrice Hybert (b.1961) specializes in tapping into what he has called ‘the enormous reservoir of the possible’. His aim is to examine the way we communicate, and to mimic the endless linkages between ideas. Hybert’s art ranges from drawings, paintings and objects to installations, performances, traveling public artworks and videos…

fabrice hybert

fabrice hybert
Your eye moved around the space, taking in the rhythmic chaos of scribbled images and words. A huge, multicoloured work, Peinture Homeopathique N° 18 (Homeopathic painting No. 18, 2000), comprises several hundred organic-shaped ceramic tiles which Hybert painted in Guadalajara, Mexico. The title ‘Mex-Mixt’ refers not only to where the work for this show was made, but to the work’s amalgam of materials and ideas…

fabrice hybert

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