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The artist Ernesto Caivano
Born 1972, Madrid, Spain.
Lives and works in New York City, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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ernesto caivano
For P.S.1, Caivano debuts a “selection” of new drawings from the chapters of After the Woods: Love of Philapores; Traps, Screens and Offerings; and Last Escape. The drawings depict various scenes of the knight, the princess, the landscape and struggling birds named “philapores” on whose feathers information and code is transferred between the separated couple. Thus, in order to reunify with his lost wife, the knight is obsessed with acquiring these magical feathers…

ernesto caivano
Arboreal Engines. 2006. Ink and watercolor on paper. MOMA collection

ernesto caivano
"Union and Offerings", and biography

frieze review
…Ernesto Caivano’s meticulously detailed ink drawings suggest a similar fantastic world of apparent congruity, lying just out of reach. A romantic narrative of great scope underpins his practice, but, like artefacts of some lost culture, the drawings themselves mostly resist our efforts to decipher the story…

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