Elenore Abbott’s Finest Works

Elenore Abbott

For someone who is in love with modern day tales like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Kidnapped and Robin Crusoe, Elenore Abott’s work would look very familiar to you. Abbot is an American illustrator and painter whose works are made popular in story books. Her works as a painter and a scenic designer also graced countless popular magazines.

Abbott learned artistry and painting in various art schools in Paris and in Philadelphia. She was schooled in Pennyslvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia School of Design for Women and Académie des Beaux-Arts.

All through the course of her career, Abott joined a number of art groups including New Women and The Plastic Club. Aside from her famed artworks in books, she is also landscape scenic designer and has worked great magic in theater production like The Emperor Jones. She is also a mainstay as illustrator in Harper’s magazine and other publications like Scribners and the Saturday Evening Post.

Abott’s claim to fame is when she showcased her illustration prowess and her painting techniques in books. You can find her works in classic tales like Kidnapped and Treasure Island. She then went on to bring the characters to life in Louisa May Alcott’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales. She also illustrated Old Fashioned Girl by the same author. The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss, is another famed feather on her hat.

Her famed watercolor paintings are exhibited at the Philadelphia Water Color Exhibitions. Some of the notable works she has are The Fairy Take, Kerfol, Lamia, Endymion and the Nereids, The Mother, Madrigal, Water and Oh, to Line in the Grass with Pan. Most of his works for the Swiss Family Robinson and Kidnapped are now housed in the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania while her art pieces for Treasure Island are mostly found in Delaware Art Museum in Willmington. One of her great works, The Dance, which is a mural she did in the years 1986 to 1997 is now showcased in her alumni in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

The art community has been a great part of Abbott’s career. She was part of the Philadelphia Water Color Club. She is also a prime member of The Plastic Club, a community which gathers women artist and stand by doing art ‘for the sake of art’. She is also part of the New Woman movement, which is composed of famous female painters like Jessie Smith, Elizabeth Green and Violet Oakley. The aim of this women’s artist club is to break all stereotypes and making a stand that a woman’s work is never inferior as compared to a man’s work, who have been dominating the industry for some time.  The club promotes women’s artistry and instills confidence and pride in all artworks done by women.

Abbott married an artist too, C Yarnall Abbott, who is a lawyer by profession. They lived in their home in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania where they have an art studio for themselves and had a daughter named Marjorie.

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