Eleni Kamma

Eleni Kamma | the artist

The artist Eleni Kamma
Born 1973, Athens, Greece.
Lives and works in Athesn, Greece, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Istanbul Biennial,

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Eleni Kamma
Eleni Kamma seems to be seduced by the call of the wild natural landscape whose dangerousness comes into conflict with the build protective environment of the city that elicits a feeling of suffocation of information…

Eleni Kamma
"Ideal frames, ideal people"

Eleni Kamma
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Eleni Kamma
The interest in her drawings focuses in those parts that in the beginning are traced and then removed in a kind of non continuity, leaving the viewer to decide the accomplishment of an uncompleted reality…

Eleni Kamma
DESTE Foundation Prize

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