Eduard Vuillard

(movement, 1880-1890's)

Term coined by Roger Fry, referring to the work of some late 19th-Century painters who, although they developed their varied styles quite independently, were united in their rejection of Impressionism.

Artists Post Impressionism :

  • bon – vui

Bonnard, Pierre
Cezanne, Paul
Dufy, Jean
Evans, Dulah Marie
Gauguin, Paul
Gogh, Vincent van
Jones, Judy
Krehbiel, Albert
Matar, Joseph
Monet, Claude
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Rohlfs, Christian
Serusier, Paul
Signac, Paul
Spencer, Stanley
Vuillard, Eduard

post impressionism
Broad term covering various developments in French painting that developed out of Impressionism in the period from about 1880 to about 1905…

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