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Donato Piccolo | the artist

The artist Donato Piccolo
Born Oct 14 1976, Rome, Italy.
Lives and works in Rome and Milan, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art,

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Seine Kunst untersucht verschiedene Natur- und Gefühlsphänomene, wobei er häufig technische und mechanische Geräte nutzt, um seine Werke zu erschaffen. Mittels einer groben Untersuchung der kognitiven Fähigkeiten des Menschen analysiert die Kunst Piccolos die perzeptiven Aspekte der natürlichen Welt. In seinen Kunstwerken untersucht er natürliche, physikalische, biologische und wissen-schaftliche Phänomene, die sich an Basis von Leben abspielen, wobei er als Hilfsmittel den emotionalen Aspekt benutzt. Er lebt und arbeitet in Rom, Italien…

As sculptural material he uses water, steam or light. The very important component of his work is interactivity. His works oscillate on the edge between rationality and emotionality suggesting on the one hand the scientific experiments and offering the direct experience of the natural effects on the other. The consequence of this approach is series of the objects, representing the hurricane, storm, or rain in the same way as we know them from the nature. They are closed in the glass cases or installed freely in the space. The works of Donato Piccolo are characterized by minimalist aesthetics and the use of functional shapes, and lab-like atmosphere. Recently his interest has been concentrated on the research of the reversible processes…

His art investigates various natural and emotional phenomena, often using technological and mechanical tools to create his works. Through a thorough study of human cognitive faculties, Piccolo's art analyses the perceptive aspects of the natural world. His artwork investigates natural, physical, biological, and scientific phenomena, which are at the basis of living, employing as a tool its emotional aspect…

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