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The artist Donald Urquhart
Born 1963, Dumfries, Scotland, UK.
Lives and works in London UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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Donald Urquhart
Whilst grounded in the disciplines of drawing and painting, his practice has diversified in recent year to encompass the use of a wide range of media including audio, text, video and photography. It is work that can be characterised as being reductive and highly formal, what has been referred to as "epic simplicity", always seeking to engage the viewer in a quiet and poetical dialogue.

Donald Urquhart
Saatchi: The earliest of these drawings come from a series titled Peroxides on Parole made in 2000 to serve as flyers, posters and wall decorations for 'The Beautiful Bend', an eclectic and gloriously camp nightclub which the artist co-founded in the early 1990s. Drawn in black ink on the pages of an A3 sketchbook, Dors, Dusty, Jayne and Davis Scowl were originally photocopied, pasted up around the club's King's Cross interior, and taken home at the night's end by anyone who wanted them. The poses of these legendary movie stars in their simple, understated portraits were lifted from single or composite frames of different films in which they appear, carefully chosen by the artist and paused to allow him time to sketch.

about the artist
Donald Urquhart, born in 1963 in Dumfries, Scotland, is a writer, performer and artist. He moved to London in 1984, and established a friendships and collaborative role with contemporary Leigh Bowery. Urquhart embraced the heady drag-performance scene of which Bowery and his circle were pioneering innovators…

Donald Urquhart
Broken toys

Donald Urquhart
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