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The artist David Mach
Born 1956, Methil, Fife, Scotland.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Drawing, Collage,

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david mach
Multiple mass-produced objects, most notably magazines, newspapers and car tyres, have been used consistently by Mach throughout his career. He brings diverse items together in large-scale installations with humour and social comment. His work is representational and controversial. An early work, Polaris 1983, shown at the Hayward Gallery in London, took the form of a submarine, but made of used car tyres. David Mach’s sculpture is on the verge of being completely overwhelming in its scale and audacity. The density of these installations is echoed in his smaller sculptures where multiple objects are used to make the whole..

Who is David Mach?
Multiple mass produced objects are standard raw sculpture material for Mach and he has drawn on an unlikely range including magazines, match heads, tyres, bricks and scrap cars. The source material for his ideas can be equally unexpected – his design for a bridge for example emerged from looking at a hair curler.

David Mach
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David Mach
David Mach uses everyday, mass produced objects such as newspapers, magazines, car tyres, matches and coathangers in ‘multiplesÂ’ in his installations. Bringing such diverse items together ion a large scale, his artwork mixes social commentary with humour…

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