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The artist Cindy Betzer Pharis
Pseudonym: C Betzer
Born Nov 9 1956, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Drawing, Magic Realism,

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I am a mixed media visual artist whose work is about connections that human beings make or don’t make through language, a gesture, a look, an expression, physical placement, cultural values, standards, emotions, and desires.

My bodies of work are categorized similarly to how I live my life: processes, portraits, and conceptual pieces; or experiences, relationships, and connections to others; my inner, more consuming ideas and reflections on how moral and spiritual gauges are created within social, historical, and instinctual contexts.

My art centers around the human figure, as it is often the vehicle which relays the connection. At times my work may be a commentary exploring relationships or social responsibility. Other times I attempt to bring social subtleties into light, so that they may more honestly be explored.

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