Charles Gaines

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The artist Charles Gaines
Born 1944, Charleston, SC, USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A, .
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Drawing, Venice Biennale,

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Charles Gaines
Airplane Narrative’ amd other works

Charles Gaines
There’s going to be talk about Charles Gaines’ Airplanecrash Clock. Completed in 1997, the thirteen-foot long kinetic work features a toy-like plane arcing over a scale model city complete with buildings you can recognize…

Charles Gaines
Since 1995 Charles Gaines has focused on the postmodern sublime and metonymy to make art that combines drawn or photographic images with text. Drawing from an array of literary sources, especially arguments challenging conventional ideas about meaning in art and its relationship to aesthetic experience, he made these ideas the basis of his work.

Charles Gaines
Accomplished Los Angeles-based conceptual artist, instructor and writer, Charles Gaines is described by Franklin Sirmans as ” a part of the 1970s generation of artists for whom the crossover between studio and the seminar is a crucial facet of their work, one that can be slowly gleaned and understood through the philosophical nature of his art, which always prompts more questions than answers. Like (Robert) Smithson, Gaines is interested in a kaleidoscopic between-ness with enough room for cosmic perspectives and the sublimities of doubt delivered ironically and with uncanny clarity….”

Charles Gaines
Charles Gaines is a multi-disciplinary, Conceptually-based artist

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