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The artist Carol Rama
Born 1918, Turin, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Drawing,

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Olga Carolina Rama.

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carol rama
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carol rama
Carol Rama began painting at the age of 18, as an escape from the traumas of her father¬ís suicide and mother¬ís mental illness, and describes 'being plunged into a whirl of bereavements, poverty and illnesses'. 70 years later she is still working from a darkened studio in Turin, yet inexplicably this is the first showing of her work in this country…

carol rama
Carol Rama has that sort of reckless spirit that first appeared ten years ago when she exhibited her dense larvae of figures dripping with the encrusted, resinous secretions reminiscent of stills in the small Galleria del Bosco, opposite Palazzo Campana. As an artist, she is avid for research and experience, fleeting affections, irregular propositions: exactly as anyone should be, today, who moves as she and many others do torn by the desire for a place to finally pause in and the already foregone reluctance to accept it definitively – as though accepting a death sentence…

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