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The artist Camille Utterback
Born 1970, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Art and Electronic media,

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Camille Utterback
Digital artist from New York, is famous for her interactive installations and her use of advanced video tracking technology. Emil Bach Soerensen met her for a talk about Untitled 5, a generative artwork where the physical presence of the audience has agency in a real time painting process. Utterback received one of the transmediale.05 awards for this piece. The talk about Utterback's video tracked universe turned out as an alternative route involving visions about the artwork as an opening, intuition in the process of coding and a strong claim for embodiment in the digital age…

Camille Utterback
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Camille Utterback
Pioneering artist and programmer in the field of interactive installation.

Camille Utterback
A series of interactive objects that explores our anxiety about machines that can feel — physical puns that respond to human contact and learn an “emotional” repertoire based on past interactions.

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